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The World Needs Your Leadership

As a growth-oriented, high-achiever, you find yourself at a turning point, ready to get out of your own way and grow both personally and professionally. 


Our programs are designed for you to unleash your unique skills, talents and gifts to become a purpose-driven leader who makes the world a better place.

Everyone Has The Potential To Be A Great Leader

Whether you're an aspiring leader or already in the C-Suite, our commitment is to help you create the results you desire, in both your personal and professional life while being true to yourself.


1:1 Coaching

Deep coaching for leaders and top-performers who are ready to dive-in, dig deep, and soar to new heights. We’ll help you see the big picture, develop a plan to get there and create the mindset and behaviours that drive success.  


Team Coaching

For Leadership Teams who are ready to improve their communication & collaboration, be more innovative and impactful, leading to happier, more inclusive and engaging workplaces.


Group Coaching

Join other high-achievers who are ready to build greater self-awareness, grow their mental fitness, quiet their inner critics and, tap into the collective wisdom of the group, to achieve their goals, and improve their lives.

Unleash Your Leader Within

​Our time with Theresa had an incredible impact on our team. We are working with more understanding of one another’s styles and approaches, which results in more effective meetings and outcomes.

Lucy Eveleigh

​Executive Director

​​Theresa’s focus on how to show up as a leader in order to positively impact our worlds was a great reminder that we all become better leaders by being better people.

William Neill

​​TEC Chair

​Theresa has been a key driver in accelerating my career. Not only does she inspire my leadership but she pushes for results. I was recently promoted and I truly believe her guidance and coaching played a huge part in that achievement. ​

Rebecca Knaggs

Senior Client Partner

​We will continue to work with Theresa, and I would highly recommend any opportunity to bring her in to help strengthen your leadership team, and your organization!

​Mike Sharma


I can honestly say, she has helped me become a more well-rounded leader, significantly more confident, and in general a more fulfilled individual. If you are looking to grow, I couldn’t think of a better person to grow with.

Kalsang Tanzin

Regional Manager

I encourage you to sit down and get to know her. You won’t be disappointed, rather you will be inspired to do great things.

Anna Petosa

Vice President

Making The World A Better Place

Through Better Leadership

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About Theresa Smith

From the time I was 12 years old, I have been coaching, teaching or leading in one capacity or another. Whether it was learn-to-skate programs, teaching in Japan or leading a team of top-notch sales professionals, helping others learn, grow and succeed on their own terms, while being their true selves, has always been fuel to my fire. I bristle at being labeled or put in a box, knowing as individuals we are incredibly unique and complex, and as a result, I am fascinated at what lies beneath the surface or behind the curtain for others. Curious about what makes individuals tick and drives their behaviour, I wonder, what are their hopes and dreams? What motivates them? What inspires them? How can I help?


Following a successful, 25-year career in start-up and corporate settings, where I led teams and organizations that include the Financial Post and National Post newspapers, Microsoft Advertising, digital media company, Olive Media, and Toronto-based, tech-start-up Tribal Scale, I found myself ready to leave leading someone else’s business, and set out on my own, doing what I love and what has always fueled me. 


Today, I combine my 20+ years of leading people and businesses, with my skills as a Co-active Coach and training in Positive Intelligence, to help leaders become values-led and purpose-driven at work and at home, showing up as their best selves and positively impact the world around them. 


At the foundation of the work I do is my deep-rooted belief that personal development is professional development and that we all have the potential to be great leaders. In order to realize that potential, we must first free ourselves from the habits and old stories that limit our thinking, sharpen our vision for our future and unleash our unique skills, talents and gifts! 

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